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About the ATO Park

The creation of Albanel-Témiscamie-Otish (ATO) Park is the result of a partnership between the Cree Nation of Mistissini (CNM) and the Government of Québec. ATO Park is located entirely on Cree traditional territory. As part of the ATO Working Group, CNM representatives will ensure that ATO Park’s planning, management, and long-term operational sustainability reflect Cree values, knowledge, and expectations.

The Mistissini homeland covers roughly 127,700 km², of which 11,000 km² has been allotted to ATO Park. The territory as a whole is a magnificent and undisturbed wilderness, defined by the vast expanse of its natural landscapes and waterways and the rich biological diversity of its northern boreal forest and wildlife. The Cree have occupied the Mistissini homeland since time immemorial and continue to make active and respectful use of the land in every season of the year. The homeland, where culture and nature thrive in harmonious balance, is the foundation upon which the Cree can build a sustainable future.

The ATO Park will be the first inhabited park to be created in Canada and this offers exciting challenges for Cree driven park planning and for the long term responsibility for park management and operations.

ATO Park headquarters will be located in the community of Mistissini, which is the gateway for the many visitors the park is sure to attract thanks to its distinctive offering of authentic Cree culture and breathtaking natural surroundings.