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Phone application

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CTA Wildlife Harvest and Monitoring Mobile Application

No need to go to the local CTA office to report your harvest and observations.
Use the new CTA Wildlife Harvest and Monitoring Mobile Application instead!

Primary benefits:

  • Accessible to all hunters / trappers with a mobile phone
  • Improved wildlife and climate change information for Eeyou Istchee
  • Freeze-up and break-up time reporting improves travel safety
  • More accurate and timely record keeping

Download the app from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store by scanning the QR-Code with your phone’s camera.

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CTA Wildlife Harvest and Monitoring

Cabins map

Trapline Registry applications

PDF trapline maps and CTA forms.


Niskamoon Information Management System (NIMS)

Interactive Consultation Database (NICD).

Cree Outfitting and
Tourism Association

 COTA Tourism Resources Inventory Planning Tool (TRIPP)

Outfitting Database.

Cree Board of Health & Social Services of James Bay

Healthy Fish Eating in Eeyou Istchee map

guide to fish consumption recommendations