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COTA Resources – Apply for a New Outfitting License

Because of the moratorium on all new outfitting permits in Category III, the process to apply for an outfitting permit on Category III land can presently only be for expanding a present facility by the owner or transferring ownership.

Any person wishing to obtain a permit, must submit an application using the Application Form provided by FAPAQ on behalf of the Minister. After the moratorium is lifted, if you would like to open a new outfitting operation on the Cree territory, you need to follow these steps:

1. Download the application form provided by FAPAQ on behalf of the Minister.
2. Print the application form
3. Fill in all the required information
4. Sign and mail the form to the FAPAQ office
5. If the application is complete, it will be forwarded to the Secretary of the Coordinating Committee for review and recommendation to accept or not accept the application. If an application is not complete, the Minister shall advise the applicant, and allowing 30 days to complete and return the application to FAPAQ.

In order for a promoter to make an application for outfitting in Category I territory, the promoter must first get a resolution from the Band Council (or land holding Corporation) supporting the project. Since it is in Category I, the moratorium does not apply, and the request will be accepted and submitted to the HFTCC. The HFTCC will meet in early December and sometime in early March and will give its approval to the request if all information is available.

The promoter will then get an agreement in principle and will be given instructions on how to get a certificate from the MBJ, a land lease from MRNF. Once the installations are constructed the promoter will be asked to submit information (waste water and other aspects) to the environment sector so that the installations are considered adequate. Once all these conditions are fulfilled an outfitting permit will be delivered.

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