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COTA Resources – View New Outfitting Applications

Once the moratorium is lifted, the application process will be for new outfitting businesses and 7 out of 10 applications on Cree Category III lands, will be subject to the Right of First Refusal. The Right of First Refusal is the basic tool around which Cree outfitting is developed and protected in the Category III lands of Eeyou Istchee. It is based on the principle that within every block of 10 applications 7 out of 10 can be allocated to Cree.

The only way you can exercise the Right of First Refusal is to replace a non-Cree application with a Cree application. It is not possible to simply say that the community does not want a camp at that particular place. 

The official body that exercises the Right of First Refusal for an application on a community’s Category III land is not the community itself. This is the responsibility of the CRA.  It is therefore up to the community and the CRA to discuss applying or not applying the Right of First Refusal and the decision resulting from this discussion will be sent to the Coordinating Committee by the CRA.

All new outfitting applications will be posted for review in this area below when they become available.

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